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At autest we provide a range of automotive engineering services. We provide inspections, engineering assessments, design, advice, reporting and approvals for all types of modified vehicles. Approved and certified modifications are not only a legal obligation but reduce your risk, satisfy your insurer and provide peace of mind and value to your vehicle. Most importantly you know your vehicle is safe and compliant. At autest we will endeavour to provide the highest possible quality and service.

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'Inspections, engineering assessment, design, advice, reporting and approvals for all types of modified vehicles'


Our Services

Engineering Solutions

  • Light Vehicles
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • 4 Wheel Drive and Offroad
  • Hot Rods & modifieds
  • Trailers and Caravans
  • Individually constructed vehicles (ICV)
  • Right hand drive conversions
  • GVM upgrades
  • Motorhomes and Campervans
  • Defected Vehicle Advice
  • Buses
  • ...and more

About us


The engineering team at autest has experience in light and heavy vehicle design and modifications.

The engineering team at autest is recognised by The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure as professional engineering signatories for modifed vehicles. Autest is committed to consistently achieving excellence and raising the benchmark of quality and service.